Tuesday, January 18, 2011


As a children's librarian I enjoy utilizing all sorts of resources during storytime.  One of my favorite 'props' for younger children is puppets.  The library where I work has a good collection of hand puppets.  From a pig and cow to an elephant and lion I am fortunate to have a nice variety of puppets to use with my young listeners.

Puppets can come in many forms, from the simple paperbag or sock puppet to the elaborate marionette.  Soft, flexible cloth hand puppets are my preferred choice and the ones with which I have the most experience using.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The New Year

Janus was the Roman god of beginnings and was depicted as a man with two heads, one looking forward, the other backwards.  As we look forward into 2011, full of expectation and excitement, it is important to pause for a moment to remember 2010.

Highlights of the old year for me include:
* Frank and I moving in together in February and making a beautiful home together,
* Traveling to Newfoundland, Canada, in late July to attend and present at an international storytelling conference held in St. John's,
* Leading the Historic Washington (NC) ghost walk throughout the summer and autumn,
* Enjoying special times with family and friends, both in person and on-line,
* Becoming the new children's librarian at the public library in Washington, NC.

The saddest personal news for me in 2010 was the selling of my family's cottage at Holden Beach, NC.  So many memories!  That little house had been part of our family for over 50 years and I'll sure miss going to it.

Here's to 2011!  I hope it is a wonderful, adventurous year!